Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Movie Masters Tomar-Re

Green Lantern Week

For day 2 of the Green Lantern Week at the Dork Dimension, we have Movie Masters Tomar-Re! You might be asking yourself, "Are reviews of Green Lantern figures even relevant anymore?" Yes, I dare say, because many of the figures are starting to show up on sale. This Tomar-Re, for example, was purchased at the low, low price of $5 at Walmart. Is he worth it?

First off, the figure looks great. The green sheen of the Green Lantern suit looks gorgeous on this figure and the lanky proportions make Tomar-Re one of the more dynamic from the Green Lantern movie line. The eyes are more humanoid than the character's eyes in the movie, but that's okay. The main problem that almost obliterates Tomar's coolness is that he's a real challenge to display. Even with the stand that's included, Tomar-Re's spindly legs tend to give out and send the figure careening off the shelf. You'll want to display him in as neutral a pose as possible.

Along with the frustratingly nondescript stand, Tomar also comes with an arm of Parallax. Considering the distribution of later GL MM waves, good luck completing that Build-A-Figure.

I'd say Movie Masters Tomar-Re is worth the sale price. He looks great (when you can get him to stand upright) and he moves well with a nice array of articulation points. I just wish he came with relevant accessories and a more character-specific display stand.


VALUE:  (scored at the sale price of $5)


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