Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Movie Masters Naut Kei Loi

Green Lantern Week

The coolest aspect of the Green Lantern movie is the menagerie of wacky aliens. The Green Lantern comic isn't afraid to get silly with its aliens and neither is the movie, with Naut Lei Loi as a perfect example. He's a fish. Not a humanoid alien with some fish-like gills and fins, but a straight fish alien. Strangely enough, that, along with the great sculpt and shiny paint apps, makes him one of the coolest Green Lanterns around.

Naut (is that his/her/its first name?) has more articulation than you might think. The head doesn't really move, but the jaw is hinged and the shoulders are ball-hinged. There are even some hinge joints embedded in the wrists and tail.

Like his other fishy friend Tomar-Re, displaying Naut can be a little problematic. The tips of the fins and the tail, on which he rests while "standing" (if you can call it that), are rubbery and can give way easily.

Naut only comes with a Parallax arm (the same as the one that came with Tomar). Again, who knows if we'll ever be able to finish that build-a-figure. Instead I would have preferred an accessory that could interact with the figure, like a Power Battery. But for only $5 on sale, he's still a great deal.

With a distinctive design and excellent sculpt and paint apps, this is definitely a figure that stands out in your Green Lantern Corps display. It's too bad we didn't see Naut in action on screen. I wonder what fishy constructs he would have made for battle... a giant fishhook?


VALUE: (at the sale price of $5)


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