Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Tomar-Re (4")

Green Lantern Week

A few days ago I reviewed Movie Masters Tomar-Re, the figure infamous for its fop-overability. It doesn't matter how great a figure looks if it's face-down on your shelf. I was nervous that this 4" Tomar would follow suit and topple over at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, this dude has little problem standing, although you do have to hunch him forward a little.

Tomar has the same issues as others in this scale: he has a cool sculpt with interesting textures, but his limited paint apps are as flat as a pancake. Some sort of washes would go a long way to add depth and realism to the figure. The sculpt isn't nearly as spindly a as it needs to be, with a body that's closer in beefiness to Hal Jordan than the Tomar-Re you know and love from the movie.

Like others in the line, Tomar's articulation is too limited at a Kenner-esque 6 points of articulation (swivel neck, waist, and hips; ball-hinge shoudlers). Fortunately, he comes with a cool trident blaster construct and role playing power ring that boost his value... although I have so many power rings at this point that it's a throw-away accessory.

But as one of the coolest Green Lanterns of all time and one of the "hero" Lanterns from the movie, this figure is a must-buy for your 4"-scale Corps.




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