Toy Pix: Bio Jumpers (TGB Customs)

The Bio Jumpers from TGB Customs are some of the coolest Glyos accessories around. Not only are they a great augmentation for your Glyos army, they're also really cool figures in and of themselves. Marty sent me these four for the illustration work I did on their header and trading cards, and here they are!

Marty cast the three heroes - Beetle, Larva, and Dragonfly - in clear red plastic with blue eyes. From left to right we see Beetle on a black Sarvos body (probably from Classified Scar Pheyden), Larva on Aves Excellis, and Dragonfly on Glyaxia Sarvos. It's important to note that Marty recommends heating the Dragonfly up with a hair dryer super-hot so you can pose the wings in a flight position and the legs around the Glyan's head. I didn't because 1) I'm chicken and I think I'm clumsy enough to break the wings, and 2) I didn't want to position the legs so I could easily drop Dragonfly on a bunch of other figures.

The spider villain (above controlling a Stealth Callgrim upgraded with clear Axis Joints) was cast in crystal clear plastic. And man, that plastic is clear. It looks like it was carved out of ice. At the right, the proud papa spider cradles his bio jumping spawn.

The Bio Jumpers make a great third act for the ongoing TGB Infection subline (the others include wave 1, wave 2, and wave 2 Kabuto Mushi). But the fun doesn't have to be restricted to the Glyos Universe. Check out more bio jumping below.

Uh oh... Superman's been in the red kryptonite again.

Spock, do I have anything on my face?

This one isn't too far of a stretch for 4-LOM, actually.

This is just plain weird.

These figures were received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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