Toy Review: Clone Wars Chewbacca

I haven't jumped on the Clone Wars line yet, and I doubt I ever will. This isn't due to the figures themselves; I think they actually look really cool. It's just that I don't want to start collecting another style of Star Wars figures... especially since, for me at least, the Star Wars ship sailed years ago. Yet I still caved when this Clone Wars Chewie came along, proof positive that the right figure can convince me to buy it regardless of any justifications I might have against it. Let's check out the Chew-ster, animated style!


Company: Hasbro
Size: 4.5" tall
Price: $8 at retail (Although this sample was given to me as a gift by my brother. Thanks, dude!)
Packaging: Carded


Chewie's sculpt has just the right amount of detailing to make him look awesome, despite the relatively simplified animated style. The dark brown sprays give his fur variation and the critical paint apps in the face are precise. I even dig the fingers, which had always been a hidden mystery in the OT, but are revealed as being Sasquatchian in the Prequel-era. Unquestionably, Clone Wars Chewie looks great and even rivals VOTC Chewie as the best-looking Chewbacca, even taking into account the style discrepancy.


This dude moves better than any of the previous Chewie figures, with ball-socket neck, swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel-hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ball-socket waist, swivel hips, and ball-hinge knees. His articulation is arguably more effective than even VOTC Chewie in that the chest joint doesn't cause the figure to flop around like a rag-doll and the neck articulation is actually useful. In fact, the neck joint provides a remarkable range of motion considering the overlapping fur.

But the thing that makes this Chewie a true standout is that he can actually hold his bowcaster directly up to his eye for aiming. I can't think of any figure in my collection, wookiee or otherwise, that can do that.

The only caveat is the fact that when you move the elbows and knees, they give you a bit of resistance before they pop into place. Maybe I'm a little skittish after my problems with the DCUC line, but I'm wondering if the joints will snap off after a few years of posing.


Clone Wars Chewie comes more accessories than he needs, although I'm not complaining: a removable bandolier strap, bowcaster, missile-firing bowcaster, sawed-off blaster, game card, stand (which can house the game card), and dice. It's great that the bandolier strap is removable but it's pretty loose and falls off the figure easily. I commend Hasbro for including the standard along with the action feature bowcaster to appease both kids and collectors.

Speaking of which, I actually prefer this bowcaster to the VOTC one because it has more dynamic proportions and a stable bow.


Clone Wars Chewie will run you around $8 at most retail stores, which is about the same as his action figure peers. Chewie gets an extra pac for his copious accessories.


I dig the animated style of the Clone Wars figures and they're especially cool when they're characters from the Original Trilogy. This Chewie works just as well as a representation of his appearance in the Clone Wars cartoon as he does as an animated version of the character from the A New Hope. That wins him a lot of coolness points in my book.


Only three toys have come tantalizingly close to a perfect score with 5's in every catagory: Starship Legends Enterprise D, TMNT Casey Jones, and TMNT Muckman, all scoring four categories with 5-pacs and one category with 4-pacs. Clone Wars Chewbacca joins this illustrious group, and deservedly so. A great stylized sculpt, nice articulation, and a bunch of nifty accessories make this figure a strong contender for the best figure of 2011. He might even beat out VOTC Chewie as the best Chewbacca of all time. Either way, it looks like I'll have to update my Ascent of Chewie tribute.

Despite this figure's high scores, I'm still not all-in on the Clone Wars line. Prequel-era stuff just isn't going to do it for me anymore. But if Hasbro makes more OT characters in this style, I'd be hard-pressed to resist them. An animated Taun Taun and Wampa would be uncontrollably awesome.

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