Toy Review: Krillburger

Those of you following the Dork Dimension on Google+ may remember this post featuring The Krillman's awesome mini-figures. The cool thing about Krillman is that he actually sculpts each figure individually so every one is unique. He'll even custom-sculpt a figure for you if you so choose. Although the figures for sale on his site are cool enough, I needed something a little more... fast-foodish. Officer Big Mac and Mayor McCheese were getting a little lonely in my collection, so I asked Krillman to make a burger-themed figure for me. And here's the result!

The first step in the process was for Krillman to sketch out the burger (above) to get my approval. It was obvious he was on the right track from the start. The Krillburger looks like a hamburger version of Bitterman from MAD Magazine.


Artist: The Krillman
Size: 2.5" tall
Price: $35 (including shipping)
Packaging: Boxed. Krill made some interesting and distinctive packaging by spray-painting both the mailing box (below left) and the figure's box (below right) with stencils. The figure's box is full of cotton balls to protect it. My Krillburger arrived with the cigarette out of his mouth, which may or may not have been intentional. Either way, it was easy enough to glue-stick it into place.


Krillman sculpts each figure from polymer clay, which is a substance that is actually not clay but sculptable plastic that hardens when fired. The Krillburger is much larger than I imagined it would be. I was expecting something the size of MUSCLEs, but this thing is about an inch taller and has a lot more girth. The character is much like the others in Krillman's universe: a cute little guy who looks like he's just gotten off working a Black Friday retail shift. The hand-made clay sculpting has a look similar to something you might see in a Claymation production like Wallace and Gromit, but its highly saturated colors give it a fun vibe that reminds me somewhat of Play-Doh. Although I can't imagine making something with this level of intricate detailing (check out the lettuce and sesame seeds) with Play-Doh.


The Krillburger cost $35 shipped, which is pretty good considering the number of separate pieces that were sculpted for the figure. It's a price that makes him competitive with other hand-made figures like those from TGB Customs, and his uniqueness adds to his value. But collectors on a budget like me will have difficulty amassing a substantial collection of Krillman's sculptures.

And I'd consider this more of a sculpture than a toy. The plastic is hefty and solid but seems unforgiving. I imagine if you dropped it from a relatively high point onto a hard surface something would break... either the figure or the surface. Also, I'd be afraid that kids would break off the intricate detail work like the sesame seeds and cigarette. This piece seems best kept on display. Let the kids play with Food Fighters.


I love Krillman's style and Krillburger perfectly reflects it. Also, the hand-sculpting gives the figure a Claymation quality that is unique in my collection. I can almost imagine this burger sitting on a shelf at a Claymation studio just waiting to come to life in a movie.


Between Glyos, TGB Customs, and Krillman, it's a wonder people have enough money for mass-production figures. Krillman took the concept I gave him and created a totally unique burger sculpt that looks crazy awesome. The Krillburger is a star in my quickly-developing fast-food figure display and this certainly won't be the last food-related figure I request from him. Stay tuned!

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