Arcade Tokens: Time-Out

Time-Out was one of the most iconic arcade chains on the East Coast, famous for its layout connecting two arcades on two different sides of a mall via the Time-Out Tunnel (pics of which you can see over at the Above is a quarter-sized game token from this arcade giant but when this token was in circulation is anybody's guess. Judging from the scans of Time-Out invoices, it seems like it might have started circulating in the early to mid 90's. There was also a silver half-dollar sized token used for prizes, but I certainly didn't go there for the prizes when I was a kid... there were games to be played.

The Time-Out I remember from my early childhood was located in Springfield Mall, Virginia. We didn't go to Springfield all that much back then, so the fact that I remember Time-Out at all speaks to the impression it can make on a young mind. Time-Out had a different layout than any other arcade I had seen, and the "Time-Out Tunnel" was wondrous to behold. Not only did it connect two spatially disparate arcades, it was also peppered throughout with a number of great games. I remember being flabbergasted at traveling through the Tunnel and emerging into a different part of the mall! Of course, now I realize that they just connected two store spaces with the tunnel, but to a kid it was a real jolt.

One of the games that comes to mind when I think of Time-Out is Spy Hunter, a classic that I enjoyed primarily on the Commodore 64.

I also remember rows of Pac-Man machines lining the Time-Out tunnel.

But probably the game with the biggest wow-factor for me was Dragon's Lair. I remember being mesmerized by it, thinking how impossibly difficult it must be to control a game that was a "real" cartoon. More recently, I've found out just how simple the gameplay really is... although I don't think I would have been able to nail the timing back then.

Interestingly enough, Springfield Mall's Time-Out is still in business. I'll have to drop by sometime. Hopefully it's fared better than the Manassas Aladdin's Castle. For more Time-Out history, check out this brief documentary.

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