Toy Pix: Glyos Amorvors Venjorun

It's amazing how much buzz the Armorvor Venjorun generated after he was debuted at the NYCC this year. Designed by Matt Doughty of Glyos fame, sculpted by Jason Frailey, and produced by TGB Customs, he quickly became one of the most talked-about toys around. And for good reason, too... this little guy rocks lobster. Click through for more!

The head sculpt looks ferocious and I love the sharp angles and militaristic mech-like sculpting of the armor. I can just imagine a platoon of these dudes in camo green armor infiltrating that jungle planet in Avatar, blowing away Thundersmurfs as they go. And there are lots of little details on the armor that make me wonder if the panels open up to reveal missile-launchers or lasers or something.

As you can see above, my Venjorun is more of an arctic sort of colorway with glow-in-the-dark arms, legs, and head. Instead of a consistent overall glow, he seems to have little GITD particles embedded in the plastic that give it a really cool effect, kind of like a Star Trek transporter beam. Check out more pics below!


The figure also came with a trading card designed by yours truly. You can check out the card art over at my deviantArt page.

Beauty Shots

Comparison Shots

Left: Venjorun with Founder Pheyden, Relgost Marine Division Glyan, Nemica Scar Pheyden, and Aves Excellis. Right: Venjorun amongst his buds Infection 1.0 Spider, OMFG Multiskull, Clawshine, and Glyos Mutant.

Timber's not too keen on meeting another alpha-wolf.

In the interest of full disclosure, this figure was received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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