Toy Review: OMFG! Pheyden Blue Edition

You remember MUSCLEs, right? Millions of Unusual Small Things Lurking Everywhere! I'm a huge fan of this too often forgotten line (as evinced by my MUSCLE blog) and apparently so are the people over at October Toys. Not only did they make an undead tribute to MUSCLEs with their ZOMBIE line, but they also created a new pack of monsters called OMFG: Outlandish Mini-Figure Guys! The standard OMFG color is a beautiful MUSCLEy pick, but October Toys smartly produced a number of exclusive colored figures in conjunction with other sites. The first to show up in my mailbox is the Onell Design exclusive Pheyden Blue! Let's take a look at this new generation of PVC mini-creatures!


Company: October Toys/Onell Design
Size: 1.5"-2" tall
Price: $12 at
Packaging: Bagged (I love the 8-bit graphic goodness!)


These guys look great and channel the same imaginative randomness that made MUSCLEs such a fun line. They're actually slightly bigger than MUSCLEs, with a bit more height and girth. While the OMFG figures are wonderfully detailed, each one is unique in its own right.


Multiskull has dozens of tiny skulls lining his body. This dude must have been a real pain to sculpt but the result is fantastic. The holes in the skulls have a lot of depth, especially the right hand's jaw.

Crawdad Kid

Crawdad Kid is a cool crustacean, clothed in what I imagine is the garb of a fisherman. He's the tallest of the OMFGs at a whopping 2.5 inches!

Phantom Outhouse

The Crap Shack has some excellent wood work and great textures in his slimy poop-limbs.

King Castor

If you look closely, you see that King Castor has all sorts of architectural detailing: there's a door, a window, a cannon here and there... and what looks like a boiler on his back. Maybe he's some sort of steam-powered medieval robot.


This guy has a fun design that seems similar to something you might see in Pixar movie like Monsters Inc.


These figures are billed as "Pheyden Blue" but you can see in the above-left shot that they don't quite match the blue of either Founder Pheyden or Hybrid Sarvos (although it's certainly possible that they match one of the other releases of Standard Pheyden). I was wondering if they were similar to the light blue ZOMBIEs, but they don't quite match them either. That said, I really like the OMFG blue. Not only does it look cool, it also catches the light really well.


OMFGs are solid dudes made of the same plastic as Glyos figures. And you get a lot of plastic for your buck. Independent toys like this often have higher price tags than what you'd expect from a mass-produced line sold in a retail chain. But $12 really isn't that far off what mass-production PVCs would cost.


The people at October Toys have great respect for vintage MUSCLEs and it shows. OMFGs are so weird and idiosyncratic that when I look at them I get that same feeling as I did as a kid when I gazed at all those freaky MUSCLEs wondering how each character came to be and what their personality was like.

OMFGs are great companion pieces for MUSCLEs but they're not entirely compatible. The figures are much too detailed and lean more on the horror side for them to blend perfectly in your MUSCLE display. I'm not complaining, mind you... I actually love the horror theme and the craftsmanship here puts mass production mini-figures to shame.


I knew I'd like the OMFGs, but I didn't know that I'd like them this much. Great sculpts of freaky creatures, all with a MUSCLEy flavor that's also unique in and of itself make this line a must-buy for mini-figure fans. Although the Pheyden Blue OMFGs are my first batch, they certainly won't be my last. I'll be sure to update my Google+ stream with pics of the rest of the colorways as soon as I get them so stay tuned. In the meantime, scroll down for more photos!

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