Toy Pix: King Kong Mini-Figure

Prepare yourself for Mini-Figure Mayhem, a new feature here at the Dork Dimension! Inspired by the super-awesome Figure Fotos over at MinifiguresXD (also known as Toypedia), I thought this would be a great way to showcase those few hundred mini-figures that are so often overlooked in my collection. Let's start with this interesting little King Kong that I found in the "garbage bin" at a comic shop last week.

The figure has a rubbery composition much like Kinnikuman (Japanese MUSCLEs for the non-Kinniku fans out there). It's cast in black rubber with painted details and clocks in at about 2 inches tall. At first I thought the figure was just a generic ape, but you can see from the RKO/Turner stamp on the bottom that it is, in fact, official Kong merchandise dated 1990. I wonder what this dude's story is? Check out more pics below!


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