Toy Pix: October Toys Pink OMFG

It's OMFG week! All the exclusive sets are shipping, including this pink set from October Toys. This colorway looks fantastic in all its MUSCLEy nostalgia. Even the packaging shows its MUSCLE roots, and the fleshy figures look so awesome on that blue card that for a time I was tempted to keep them carded. How long a time? Zero point six eight seconds, sir. For an android, that is an eternity.

As with the green figures, these pinkies are just a teeny bit darker and have a more saturated coloration than MUSCLEs. But it's a very close match and unless you're shining a glaring light on them, you probably can't tell the difference. You shouldn't have a problem displaying your OMFGs with your MUSCLEs.

Also, there was some extra goodies in the box: some stickers, a trading card, and a groovy bookmark. Not to mention that great fold-up poster designed by Ralph Niese and Daniel Smith!

The pink OMFGs will eventually be for sale for non-Kickstarters on the October Toys site:

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