Toy Pix: University of MUSCLE Yellow OMFG!

The fifth and last exclusive colorway (not including the Kickstarter exclusive black) is this yellow set from University of MUSCLE! This set is cool because it's the only one to "think outside the box", so to speak, and not base the colorway on that of another toy (again, besides the black set). So there's no Glyos or MUSCLE influence here like there is with the other sets. I was thinking that maybe it was based on the Kinnikuman yellow, but it looks more mustardy. And it certainly can't be mistaken with the Kinnikuman orange. So it looks like this set is pretty much unique in its coloration.

The color is bright, without being so bright that it drowns out the details like the neon MUSCLE orange. It really pops out the most on the shelf because the yellow is such a happy color.

The card art features the figures on the front and the OMFG logo and credits on the back. You'll notice Phantom Outhouse's naughty alias on the front.

The UofM colorway is now for sale at:

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