Toy Review: ThinkGeek Plush Enterprise

Now this one is out of left field. When I saw this plush Enterprise on, I thought it was such an unconventional piece that I just had to pick it up. Plush toys aren't new to Star Trek as they've done a few times before like the creepy Knickerbocker Kirk and Spock from the Motion Picture. But a plush Federation Starship? It's going where no collectible has gone before! Let's take a closer look.

Not all space ships lend themselves well to realization in plush form. The Millenium Falcon would be pretty easy. The Death Star? A cinch. But the Enterprise's thin neck and spindly nacelle pylons, along with its disc shaped saucer section, make maintaining the ship's classic silhouette pretty difficult using soft plush materials. This plush Enterprise does a pretty good job as it utilizes wires inside the ship to keep the nacelles and neck from slumping over and the saucer section from distorting too much.

I'm not exactly sure what I expect from a plush Enterprise, but I would like a little more detail. Stitching to denote the deflector grid on the saucer section and the triangular landing gear hatches on its underside would have been great. There is some cool detailing with (what appear to be) iron-on decals on the ship's nacelles and secondary hull. Most importantly, the registry is clearly printed.

At $25, this plush is a bit on the pricey side. However, the ship is a pretty good size (14" long and 6" wide at the saucer) and it sports an electronic action feature: when you squeeze the Secondary Hull, the Bussard collectors light up and you hear photon torpedoes launch. Unfortunately, since we're dealing with plush material here, my sample's lights are off-center because of the way they settled in the nacelles.

Because of the electronics and structural wiring, this isn't a toy for infant or toddler Starfleet cadets. You probably won't want to snuggle with it either. Isn't that the whole point of plush toys, though? It's certainly an interesting and cute collectible for your Star Trek shelf anyway, and I'd love to see the Enterprise D get a similar plush treatment.

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Ratings and Summary

APPEARANCE: It maintains the classic shape of the ship but doesn't have much in the way of detailing.

VALUE: A bit pricey. The electronic action features sweeten the deal.

COOLNESS: A plush Enterprise is inherently cool, but it would have been cooler if it were more friendly to snuggles.



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