Toy Review: Vintage Collection Logray

Logray was a special figure for me back in the vintage Star Wars days. He and Chief Chirpa were the first Ewoks released in Kenner's ROTJ line and because Lucasfilm wanted to maintain some degree of secrecy regarding the Ewoks, they were blacked out on the first ROTJ card backs. But I remember if you angled the card just right, you could just barely see their outlines. Of course, that made both Ewoks that much more desirable and cemented Logray as one of the coolest figures in the vintage line... for this dork, at least.

Despite being one of the few "hero" Ewoks in ROTJ that had a significant role (the others being Wicket, Teebo and Paploo), Logray hasn't gotten much in the way of action figures. It's probably the vitriol that fanboys bear towards the Ewoks in general. I shouldn't complain too much since at least he made an appearance in POTF2, but we've been long overdue for a Logray upgrade. Unfortunately, this figure just doesn't cut it.

The normally obsessive attention to detail that Hasbro applies to its Star Wars line is absent in Logray. The first thing you'll notice is that the coloration is totally off. Logray's fur in the movie is much lighter, like the vintage figure. The skin tone (eyelids, lips, nose, hands, feet) is also off; in close-ups in the movie, you can see that Logray's skin is pink. Although there are scenes in which the skin looks darker, that's either a lighting issue (like Han Hoth's brown/blue coat) or a possible second mask. A second mask would make things a bit dicey, but because Logray is most visible during close-ups, the figure should match that coloration anyway. This figure's brown facial skin and weird purplish hands and feet don't even come close.

But the inattention to detail isn't just limited to the figure's coloration. In the movie, Logray is clearly half a head taller than Chief Chirpa. (You can see that in the shot in which both Ewoks are standing next to Threepio sitting on his throne while our heroes are tied up.) Again, the vintage figure got this right, but this "upgrade" dropped the ball with a stature that is only marginally taller than Chief Chirpa from the Saga Collection (2006).

This sample was a gift by my friend Jason (Thanks, dude!) so I'm not sure how much he cost. But a figure this tiny at the normal Vintage Collection retail price of $8 to $10 is a little too expensive. Maybe more substantial accessories would have sweetened the deal.

Speaking of which, Logray comes with a hood, a medicine man staff, a pouch, and a spear. Not a bad assortment, but he didn't use a spear in the movie so that one can be chucked. Replace it with an Ewok Village environment stand and I'd be one happy Ewok nerd.

The head and arms move pretty well with ball-socket and swivel-hinge joints (respectively), but Hasbro still hasn't figured out how to give Ewoks effective leg articulation. The swivel-hinge hips can give you a little movement but it's awkward. Also, the waist and wrists swivel and the ankles have swivel-hinge joints.

The vintage Logray got almost everything right, in particular the coloration and size in proportion to other Ewoks like Chief Chirpa. But this Vintage Collection Logray dropped the ball on both counts, and the $8 to $10 price range makes this tiny figure's value plummet. Tragically, this might be the best we get in regards to our favorite Ewok Medicine Man. Although a repaint is possible and would certainly help its inaccuracies, it still wouldn't address the height problem. At least I still have the vintage Logray.

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Ratings and Summary

APPEARANCE: Dark coloration and lack of height makes him look more like a generic Ewok than Logray.

ARTICULATION: Pretty good arms; wonky legs.

ACCESSORIES: An environment stand would have been awesome. At least he comes with his pouch and medicine staff.

VALUE: A bit overpriced for such a small figure.

COOLNESS: This figure doesn't exhibit any of the coolness of the vintage figure.



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