Blu-ray Review: Star Trek TNG, The Next Level

I finally finished watching the Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray preview disc. The preview included three episodes: Encounter At Farpoint (Season 1), Sins of the Father (Season 3), and Inner Light (Season 5). As you might expect, the picture quality and sound are amazing, especially for those of us Trekkies who have been used to watching those awful pixellated DVDs for the past decade or so. The only blemish on the Blu-ray is a 13-second shot that had to be upconverted from video because the original film was lost, but even that upconverted scene is much better than the DVDs.

In fact, I wish I had the series on Blu-ray before I did the Playmates TNG Archive ( It would have made researching those costumes so much easier because the increased picture quality would remove a lot of ambiguity.

The thing that made me dork out the most was that you can see the materials used in constructing Worf's baldric. I thought that the gold (Season 1) and silver (Season 2+) baldrics were metallic, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The gold one looks like it's constructed entirely of a thin leather or cloth that was dyed gold. The silver sash was more metallic, but not entirely so. It looks like it has gray leather straps interlaced inside a metal mesh.

The Enterprise D model looks fantastic. It actually works a lot better in high-def than the Enterprise refit model from TMP, which looked tragically model-esque in its close-ups. But I did notice a weird disfigurement in the Enterprise D's saucer section: on the underside of the saucer right at the front edge, you can see a strange rippling effect. This is evident in the shot in which the Enterprise arrives at Kronos in Sins of the Father, when it passes directly over the camera. It's almost like the hull is covered with cloth, but considering how the model was constructed, that can't possibly be the case. Maybe it's just some warped paint or distortion of the resin.

The rest of the series is slated to be released on Blu-ray, and I can't wait. I'm especially looking forward to finally seeing some good shots of the Enterprise C from Yesterday's Enterprise. It will also be great to see how the Nausicaans' costumes from Tapestry are constructed. And the energy monster from Darmok! This will be a fun, if expensive, time for TNG fans.

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