Toy Pix: Lobot, Then and Now

My opinion of Lobot has changed dramatically over the years. The Bespin environment wasn't particularly exciting to me as a kid because it seemed to rebel against the distinctive "used universe" look other Star Wars planets. The costumes of its inhabitants weren't very heroic or science-fictiony, either. So I wasn't particularly interested in any Bespin-related action figures, especially Lobot.

But I've since come to realize that Lobot is one of the coolest dudes in the Star Wars universe. If you think about it, without Lobot the galaxy would have been doomed. After Chewie and Leia were hopelessly captured by Imperial troops, Lando discreetly calls Lobot via his computer implant to free our heroes. Without Leia and Chewie escaping, there would be no one to rescue Luke hanging from the antenna. Either Luke would die or be captured by Vader, and in his weakened state, Luke certainly couldn't resist the Emperor. With Luke either dead or turned to the Dark Side, the galaxy would be lost. End credits.

But Lobot, being the only dude capable of receiving Lando's secret call through his cybernetic implant, ultimately saves the galaxy. There was even a cut scene in which Lobot is injured and carried off by "people in white masks", implying that he gave his life for the Rebellion. Not only that, but his name refers to the fact that his brain has been lobotomized into a cybernetic super computer. Nathan of yesteryear was totally wrong, Lobot is one cool dude who deserves his fair share of action figures. Let's take a look at Lobot, then and now!

Lobot (Kenner 1980)

Like Han Hoth, there is considerable confusion regarding coloration of Lobot's costume. Back in 1980, Kenner seemed to think that Lobot's suit had yellowish hues (this sample's arms may have yellowed a bit with age so they might be more saturated than normal). That's probably because a few key promotional photos, namely the vintage cardback, featured Lobot wearing a gray suit with beige sleeves. But was this the actual coloration of the costume? Maybe not...

Lobot (Original Trilogy Collection, Hasbro 2004)

Hasbro updated Lobot in 2004 with this excellently-sculpted figure sporting a light blue suit with white sleeves. Again, there is precedence for this, as there are some scenes in which Lobot's suit does look blue with stark white sleeves. But waitaminnit...

The POTF2 figure (above middle) presents a third option: gray suit with white sleeves! So which is the right one? Most likely, none of them!

Scenes in ESB are so dependent on cinematography that it's very difficult to determine the "true" colors involved. But those featuring Lobot that I think are the most faithful to true light are 1) the area outside Han's torture chamber and 2) the hall in which Lando captures the Stormtroopers and frees Leia and Chewie. Both seem to have basic set lighting and you can see that Lobot has a light gray costume with off-white sleeves. The sleeves aren't as beige as the vintage figure, and the suit is neither as dark as POTF2 nor as blue as OTC. It's also important to note that Lobot's shoes match his pants perfectly, unlike the POTF2 and OTC figures.

Phew... that might be the most ever written about Lobot's costume.

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