Toy Pix & Artwork: Armorvor FlyBee

Next up in TGB Customs' Armorvor line is this FlyBee head! The idea is that the head sculpt has two sides: one a fly and the other a bee. For this illustration, I created mirror-image trading cards, each featuring one side of the head. To make things a little more interesting and divergent from the other cards, FlyBee's back is toward us, revealing all those cool back details in the Armorvor body sculpt. The head sculpt looks awesome, and I'm trying to figure out which face I like better. I'm leaning more towards the Bee face. At least, it seems like the Bee face is the "Dr. Jekyll", while the Fly is the "Mr. Hyde". Click through for more pics of the figure's head sculpt, and click the illustration above to view it on deviantArt.


This figure's head was received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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