Toy Review: Green Lantern Leaders of the Corps 4-Pack

Okay, this is it, right? After reviewing 14 figures from the 4" Green Lantern movie line, I'd kind of like to move on with my life now. But I can't tap out without reviewing the last movie-accurate Green Lantern Corps figure, Salaak. Well, maybe saying he's "movie accurate" is pushing it a bit since I don't think we saw him in the movie at all (even though it seems like they modelled a CG version of the character anyway). Salaak, despite only being available in a Target-exclusive "Leaders of the Corps" 4-pack, was a must-buy to complete my Green Lantern collection. Let's take a look at the set.

Besides Salaak, the set also includes three figures you've seen warming the pegs for quite some time: Hal Jordan (w/ mask), Tomar Re, and Stel. I'll only be rating Stel and Salaak since I've already covered Hal Jordan and Tomar Re in their own reviews. I will say that the inner bubble of the 4-pack warped both Hal's and Tomar's legs (see comparison pics above). Hal's warped legs look awkward and more than a little painful, but Tomar's warping actually makes the figure stand in a more appropriate upright posture.

I've been actively avoiding Stel up to this point because he's not even remotely movie-accurate. I'm assuming that the figure was based on prototypical artwork and the character's design changed at the last minute before any adjustments could be made to the toy.

Stel's sculpt is a little on the generic side, with not much in the way of detailing beyond the most basic of line work. I like the unconventional design, but it's not nearly as cool as the Bayformer-inspired redesign that was used in the movie. Stel has only four points of articulation: swivel joints at both shoulders and hips, with the shoulder pads and butt plating restricting their movements. Even for the GL movie line, widely known for its limited articulation, that's a pretty sorry showing.

The real reason to buy this set is Salaak. I was a bit surprised that he didn't have a significant role in the movie given his importance in the comics, but it's great that we get a figure of him anyway. This figure is a nifty interpretation of the character that maintains the basic look and feel of the classic design well. Although I often bemoan the "spindly alien" design crutch that movie makers just can't seem to get past these days, it's an appropriate body plan for Salaak. His cool insectoid shape, spiny details, freaky rib structure, and defined musculature make the figure interesting and fun.

Salaak has seven points of articulation: swivel neck, upper shoulders, lower shoulders, and hips. It's not anywhere close to hyper-articulation, nor is it up to par with others in this line that sported swivel-hinge shoulders or hinge chest articulation.

The set comes with four energy constructs (as well as yet another Green Lantern ring). Many of the constructs you've seen before: the mace came with Abin Sur and the blade with Stel, both individually carded. I think the drill came in a Toys R Us accessory pack, so Salaak's grasper claw is the only new accessory on the block. If you've been actively collecting the line like me, you likely won't find much new here.

Since Salaak is the only new figure, you should only buy this set if you're into collecting a complete set of Green Lanterns. I'd have difficulty justifying the original $30 price tag for a set that includes three repackaged figures just to get Salaak, but I managed to score this set for the clearance price of only 8 bucks last month. Bonus for me.

And that's it for the Green Lantern movie line! I'm a little sad to see it go, but we got a good run out of it. Time to move on...

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