Card Review: Cereal Killers Series 1

I'm a serious cereal junkie. It's the ultimate comfort food for me, so much so that my night's sleep depends on a late-night bowl of cereal. Maybe that's because cereal, for all its seemingly endless variety and continual introduction of new flavors, has a timeless quality to it. Team Flakes might be long dead, but Grape Nuts is forever. Shifting gears a bit, I'm also a big fan of gross-out trading cards like Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packs. I don't actively collect trading cards these days, but every once in a while there's a series that catches my eye and I can't resist. And given my love of both cereal and gross-out trading cards, Cereal Killers by Wax Eye seems made just for me.

Cereal Killers has been available online for a while now but I noticed them for the first time at Toys R Us this week. I've been waffling over whether or not to take the plunge into collecting another card series, but the Cereal Killer packaging made the decision for me. The cards are packaged in three mini-cereal boxes wrapped together like those value packs that I loved as a kid. It's a great touch, and had it not been for the packaging, I might have passed by this line entirely.

For $25 you get three boxes, each including a packet of 20 cards, a gum ball, and a "random premium gift". It's not a bad deal, but it's hard for me to drop $25 on a bunch of trading cards at once. Still, the cards are made from a good stock and are nice and shiny. (Unfortunately they're not stickers like GPKs and WPs). Some cards are parodies of real cereals, while others parody movies with a cereal twist. There's a huge variety of cereals covered, everything from Fruity Pebbles to Mueslix, so chances are your favorite brand is covered.

Although the concept is very similar to Wacky Packs, the artwork is better, gorier, and more imaginative than the recent Wacky Pack series (see above for a comparison shot). I hesitate to say that the artwork is better than Garbage Pail Kids (which would be clearly blasphemous), but these cards look fantastic regardless. It's a shame we have to view them on a format that's so small. I wish I could get them poster-sized so I could bask in the gruesomely colorful illustrations.

The card backs are largely forgettable, consisting of the usual puzzle pieces and other filler material. Also, it should be noted that about a third of the 60 cards included in this set were duplicates. That's not all that bad considering I like to have extras to use as bookmarks, but I would have much rather had more unique cards.

The gum ball, with its faded eyeball decal, is pretty much what you'd expect. You pop it in your mouth and the sugary awesomeness explodes, overwhelming your taste buds... for approximately 30 seconds. After that, the gum becomes a leathery chuck of tastelessness that you feel like you have to spit out before its concrete-like hardening chokes you. Still, it's worth it for that initial blast of flavor.

The "premium gifts" add some extra fun to the boxes by diversifying the Cereal Killers into formats other than cards. I got a magnet, sticker, and temporary tattoo, all of which are pretty cool. Honestly, I wish I could buy packs of magnets so that I could cover my fridge with them... at least, until my wife saw it.

Overall, Wacky Pack collectors might want to skip the line because the concept is so similar, but if you're a cereal/horror junkie, Cereal Killers might be right up your alley. Scroll down for more pics!


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