Toy Pix: Custom Muckman by Adam Pratt

I've been following Adam Pratt's work on Google+ for a while now and I've been impressed by his ability to take a figure and give it a new and imaginative characterization with his custom paint work. I thought it would be fun to see what he could do with my favorite TMNT figure of all time, Muckman, so I commissioned him to do one of his trademark custom paint jobs. And here's the result!

Muckman is a difficult figure to paint considering the insane amount of detail in the sculpt. But Adam was up to the challenge and painstakingly painted every little piece of trash, fungus, and bug on Muckman, all with excellent craftsmanship. Honestly, before his paint job highlighted everything, I never realized just how much detailing there is in the sculpt. It's borderline unreasonable. Did the TMNT sculptors have a contest to see how much crap they could pack in to one sculpt?

Adam made some interesting and unexpected color choices with this piece. Light blue tongue? Red eyes? Blue Joe Eyeball? I would have never thought to choose those colors, but they work great and give both Mucky and Joe fun and idiosyncratic personalities.

Check out more shots below. To check out a review of the vintage figure, click here. And you can see more of Adam Pratt's work on his website. Great job, Adam!

Detailing and Comparison Shots

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