Toy Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Papo)

Although I'm a big fan of ceratopsian dinosaurs, Pachyrhinosaurus never really caught my eye. The flat bones on the nose and the minor frill decorations made it pale in comparison to the more spectacular ceratopsians like Triceratops and Styracosaurus. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like this dude meant business. Pachy's flattened bony growth on its rostrum looks capable of inflicting serious blunt force trauma on any theropod dumb enough to press its luck. So I decided to branch out of my usual ceratopsid fare and pick up this Pachyrhinosaurus figure from Papo. The Papo Tyrannosaurus Rex was pretty awesome... does Pachy follow suit?

Pachy has a dynamic pose in its favor (which is actually the main reason I decided to choose this as my second Papo dinosaur). Like the T-Rex, Pachy's scientifically-accurate sculpt is incredible with lots of cool dinosaurian skin texture and realistic creases. The musculature has a wonderful form, and you can see a bit of bone protruding just under the skin at the hips.

Paint apps work well with the figure. There isn't much in the way of precision work here, but a series of washes brings out the detail in the sculpt while presenting some nice, but subtle, color variation.

Most importantly, Pachy is pretty much to-scale with his T-Rex opponent. The real Pachyrhinosaurus measured approximately 5 meters in length while the Tyrannosaurus Rex clocked in at 12 meters (according to the trusty Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs). Pachy looks a bit too big compared to T-Rex, but it's close enough that I can display them both together without freaking out.

Pachy has zero points of articulation, which is a-okay by me. Although the current trend for hyper-articulation is cool in some cases, more often than not it has a detrimental effect on the sculpt. I'd prefer to keep Pachy's gorgeous sculpt intact rather than add articulation that nobody expects from a PVC dinosaur anyway.

Like the other Papo dinosaurs, Pachy comes with no accessories. It doesn't need any to feel complete, although I admit that a hatchling dino-buddy or even some coprolite would make this dinosaur nerd more than a little giddy.

I picked up this sample from Amazon for about $10. That's much better than I've seen its dinosaur contemporaries priced in brick-and-mortar stores.

Pachrhinosaurus is an excellent companion piece for the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In my eyes, both figures cement Papo as the company to beat in the PVC dinosaur market. Stay tuned Papo fans... I'll be expanding my collection soon!


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