Toy Review: Nickelodeon Slime!

The 80's had its share of weird fads but one of the weirdest was slime, driven by gross-out shows like Nickelodeon's You Can't Do That On Television and Double Dare. Maybe kids liked the disgusting randomness of getting slimed because it was so unconventional compared with the normal constrictions of daily life. Maybe getting slimed was just comedic, like getting hit in the face with a pie. Whatever the reason, it was a decade of slime.

Tragically, I trudged through my childhood devoid of slime. Although there were some awesome slime-related toys, my parents weren't too enthusiastic about me inevitably mashing the gooey gunk into the carpet and banned slime from the house. I thought they were a little paranoid (it was just slime, after all) but I was okay... until I saw the commercials for the Evil Horde Slime Pit!

I just couldn't get over how incredibly awesome it was for a T-Rex skull to barf slime over Masters of the Universe figures. My parents gave in and got the playset but they would only allow me to use pebbles instead of slime. It just wasn't the same.

Fast forward to last week, when I saw this Nickelodeon Slime in Toys R Us for six bucks. All those unfulfilled dreams of sliming MOTU figures came back to me and I decided to just go for it. I was sure slime is not as bad as my old fuddy-duddy parents made it out to be.

On the other hand, maybe they were on to something. Regardless, I had to experience the wonderment of slime.

This stuff comes in a slime capsule that sports sculpted slime rolling down the front. The canister is pretty cool and would be great for a MUSCLE or Trash Pack display. But the real star is the slime itself.

This slime is legitimately disgusting stuff, more like snot than the oatmeal slime from You Can't Do That On Television. If you plop it over a figure, like He-Man above, it slowly oozes around it, eventually enveloping it in a gloppy mess. Its stickiness helps to keep the slime cohesive so that you can take it off with relatively little residual junk left behind (even though you will have to wash the figure to get everything off). That said, it seems that there was about 10% less slime back in the container after this photoshoot, meaning about 10% of the slime got stuck in the crevices of the figures and was lost after I cleaned them.

It would be best to play with the slime on a clean plastic mat because this stuff will absorb just about any little particle it comes in contact with. Despite the warning label, I did spill a little bit on the paper I use for my sets but it came up immediately without any staining. I got it up within a few seconds so I assume the longer you leave it, the more chance the slime has to permanently stain a surface.

Slime isn't just for MOTU. It's great for other vintage lines like MUSCLE and it works just as well for space aliens, too.

Not to mention a diorama featuring the origin story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I've been itching to test out Muckman with some real slime for quite a while now. You can fill Muckman's trashcan/backpack with slime, and the slime oozes through a hole into the figure and eventually out the torso. This slime is a little too viscous to easily fit into Muckman's relatively small back holes, but you can force the issue by jamming slime directly into his torso. Also, Muckman has a removable brain case into which you can pour slime so that it drips from his mouth. Toys barfing slime! Too much fun!

I'm not sure which rating categories would apply to this toy (the sculpt is what you make it to be and in a way, there's near infinite articulation), so I'll give it a summary judgement of 4 out of 5. I got a lot of fun out of sliming my figures and I dig the canister, but considering the slime is highly susceptible to contamination with small particles and it can potentially damage unprotected surfaces, you have limited play options. Play with it on a clean plastic mat or nothing.

That said, this has inspired me to track down a vintage Evil Horde Slime Pit. Let's hope I like it better than this kid did. His devotion to Stratos is commendable, but no one escapes the Evil Horde Slime Pit!

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