The Dork Dimension at the Philadelphia Comic Con 2012

I was a huge Star Trek convention-goer in the 90's, but those conventions slowly died off as Trek became a less viable property in the 2000's. Sure, there were a few big conventions like the one in Vegas, but those relatively small ones in my area dried up completely. For the most part, the Star Trek convention has been absorbed into the generic (and insanely popular) comic convention, but most comic cons featuring Star Trek actors have been frustratingly remote.

All that changed when it was announced that the Philadelphia Comic Con would be the very first convention to feature all five Star Trek captains! Philadelphia is well within driving distance for me, so a couple of friends and I hightailed it to Philly to bask in the glory of William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula. But they weren't all that made this convention awesome...


There were a good deal of cosplayers in attendance, but they were thinly diffused amongst the thousands of other convention-goers. Here are some of the highlights:

A zombie Stormtroopers stumbles through the aisles, a very Reeve-ish Superman with 
Wonder Woman, and a ghoulish zombified giant.

Black Manta (complete with digitized voice) poses with Catwoman, and... 
what the crap is that?! Whatever it was, it was my pick for best in show.

Cool Stuff

On the dealer floor you had the usual comic book vendors but there were a lot of other interesting spectacles:

A cool Lego display adorned one side of the convention center. Love that Batmobile!

The Warriors and Warlords line makes an appearance in this diorama 
(check out the MOTU corpses). I also saw this huge 4"-tall 
plush Animal at a dealer's table.

Off in one corner was this really cool T-Rex model, maybe 4' long.

My friend Jason got his picture taken in this Batmobile reproduction!

Another cool toy found at a dealer's table: Automan! 
I didn't even know this figure existed.


This convention had more celebrity guests than I had ever seen. Not only were all five Star Trek Captains in attendance, but there were gobs of celebrities from other dork properties. Even if this convention were Trek-less, I would have had a blast. Here are but a few:

Left: Dean Cain (Lois and Clark); Right: Erin Gray (Buck Rogers).

Left: Stan Lee, who I bumped into wandering the aisles; Right: Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment (creators of the Toxic Avenger) along with a Zombie Gumby.

Chris Helmsworth at his Q&A panel.

Captains Reunion

There was also a Captains Reunion Q&A session featuring all five captains on one stage! It was a nightmare to get into this program given the enormous mass of fans waiting to get in, but it was worth the effort.

Scott Bakula and Patrick Stewart at the Captains Reunion Panel.

I took some videos of a couple of the responses that I thought had the most interesting tidbits (I apologize in advance for the awful image quality):

Kate Mulgrew answers a question regarding how the Star Trek 
producers viewed her character's femininity.

Patrick Stewart relates an embarrassing story about 
the filming of TNG's Chain of Command.

The Captains' Logs

Considering my budgetary restraints, I opted for autographs from only three of the five captains: Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, and Kate Mulgrew. They are the most important to me because they all existed contemporaneously with the Next Generation, my preferred Trek timeline. Check them out below:

Honestly, I can't see how the Philadelphia Comic Con can top this year's celebrity guests but I'll be interested to see what it has in store for us next year!

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