Toy Pix: Ankylosaurus, Then and Now (Marx Dinosaurs, Papo)

The initial release of Marx Dinosaurs was way before my time, but I grew up unknowingly collecting repros from gift shops and dollar stores. Actually, they were reproductions of reproductions, with muddied sculpts and decreased size from the many generations of copies. Just recently, I decided to dip into collecting original Marx Dinosaurs and with my first lot, I was amazed at the size of the figures and marveled at the level of detail. They're also a hoot to collect since the designs are based on scientific theories from the 50's that depicted dinosaurs as slow-moving tail-dragging brutes. They're quite the contrast from today's figurines by Papo, which utilizes the latest in paleontological data to present the most scientifically-accurate dinosaurs possible. Let's take a look at how one such dinosaur "evolved" from then to now: Ankylosaurus!

Ankylosaurus has always been one of my favorite dinosaurs. He might have been a herbivore, but he was no wimp. Instead of trying to outrun carnivores or herding together with his buds into a group and hoping someone else would get eaten, Anky took matters into his own hands and evolved a tough hide with spikes and a tail with a bone-crushing club. Much like this Marx Dinosaur...

Ankylosaurus (Marx, 1955)

When I was a kid, Anky was depicted pretty much as he is here: a stumpy, plodding tank of a dinosaur. Which is probably what he really was. But we can make things a little more dynamic these days...

Ankylosaurus (Papo, 2012)

Papo upped the ante with its Ankylosaurus, which sports a stance that is probably more action-packed than it needs to be. But the sculpt and paint apps are fantastic. It's like a have a little living dinosaur on my desk that was hit with Lex Luthor's shrink ray.

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