Dork Dimension Games: Bugs of the Dead for the iPad

My first game is now available for download in the Apple store: Bugs of the Dead for the iPad! In Bugs of the Dead, you play Clod, a zombie who just can't keep bugs from eating his decaying flesh. Squish the bugs before the health meter runs out. Hit a bunch of bugs in a row to build up your multiplier for a high score. But don't squish the purple stink bugs! They'll reset the multiplier and increase Clod's decay.

I hope you dig the game! And please rate it in iTunes after you play. Now get squishin'!

Sound Issues: Of course as soon as I submit the app to the App Store I found a "bug" (har har). If you have problems hearing the bug splatters, go to Settings > Sounds, and increase the Ringer and Alerts bar. I've already posted a fix for that problem to the App Store, so it will be available for update as soon as it's approved.

Problems? Feel free to shoot me an email at

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