Toy Pix: Marx Dinosaurs Dimetrodon and Plateosaurus

It's back to the Age of the Dinosaurs with this Dimetrodon and Plateosaurus from Marx! I really dig the Marx Dinosaur line because of its great sculpts, which are surprisingly cool given they're over 60 years old. Let's check out these two dudes with all their quaintly classic scientific inaccuracies!

Dimetrodon was one of the coolest dinosaurs when I was a kid... even though I later learned that he wasn't a dinosaur at all. But his psuedo-dinosaur qualities are what made him cool, like that lizard-like gait, the weird sail on the back, and a skull with jaws and teeth that really meant business. This Marx figure is too much on the cutesy side, but nifty nonetheless.

You can tell this figure was from one of the earlier waves of Marx Dinosaurs because the skin textures are remarkably distinct, as is the name stamp on his tail. Later waves seemed to have detailing that was somewhat smudged. I'm guessing the molds wore out after a few waves.

Plateosaurus was never on my short list of dinosaur heroes, which included such iconic creatures as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurus. But these days, I think Plateo is groovy because it's an early species that eventually evolved into the sauropod giants like Diplodocus and Apatosaurus. Plateo certainly didn't drag his tail as indicated by this figure's sculpt, but I can imagine it rearing up on its hind legs like this to get some leaves from a tree.

Again, this Plateosaurus was part of the earlier waves, as evinced by the sculpting details and name stamps.

These figures are smaller than other Marx Dinosaurs, but they're not to-scale in the slightest. Still, they're the perfect size to be dino-buddies for Star Wars figures.

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