Toy Pix: Hades Force Armodoc, Hades Mimic Armorvor (Glyos)

Although I love the Armorvor that Marty made for me, I've also been itching to get my hands on an Armorvor produced by Onell Design for quite a while now. I was much too lackadaisical with the first release as they sold out almost immediately. So for this Glyos Haul, I was more proactive and managed to score a super-cool Hades Mimic Armorvor as well as a Hades Force Armodoc. I love this colorway... it reminds me of something you might see in Tron Legacy. Let's check them out!

Hades Force Armodoc

I love the vinyl matte finish of this figure. It's a great addition to my Armodoc army and it might even be my favorite colorway (sorry, Standard Armodoc). The insignia on his shoulder might make him one of the higher-ranked Armodocs, as if he were the Darth Vader of the Glyos Universe.

Hades Mimic Armorvor

This Onell release of the Armorvor is notable not only for the awesome colorway, but also because it comes with a spare helmeted head. That's three different heads, if you count the Robotech-looking one that doubles as a backpack. But the helmeted head also has a robo-dog face on the back, so I suppose that means there are four different heads! Anyway, I can't wait for the next Armorvor release. If you want one, be sure to stay frosty on the 20th!

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