Toy Review: Wall Smashing Ralph and Fix-It Felix Mini-Figure (Wreck-It Ralph)

I'm usually not a big fan of animated movies, but Wreck-It Ralph is my most highly-anticipated movie of this year. Video games usually don't get much respect in the world of cinema, but the trailers for this movie make it look like a love letter to fans of classic arcade games. In the movie, Ralph, the "bad guy" in a Donkey Kong style game called Fix-It Felix Jr., gets tired of doing the same old job over and over again and wants to be the hero in his own game. During his quest to be a hero, we see lots of references to and characters from classic arcade games. I'm hoping it will be like a video game version of Toy Story.

To help promote the movie, Disney released Fix-It Felix Jr., the game on which the movie is based, both online and on the iOS. It's a great throw-back to the good old days of arcades, and it along with my projected enjoyment of the movie prompted me to pick up a couple figures from Thinkway Toys' Wreck-It Ralph toyline.

There are two different lines of action figures: one 6" line with action features and another 3" PVC line. The 6" Felix is clearly too tall compared with Ralph, so in order to get the figures to more closely match the proportions of the characters in the game (see above) and presumably the movie, I had to mix and match lines: Ralph from the 6" line and Felix from the 3" line.

Wall Smashing Ralph has a great sculpt that captures the look and proportions of the character in the movie almost perfectly. But the awkwardly-cut joints for the hips look straight from the 90s, and not in a good way. Also, the paint apps are a little simplistic, especially in that his shirt should have a pattern on it. At least they didn't overlook paint detailing on the clothes. The overall look does its job representing the character well.

Felix also has a nice sculpt, with a great gesture that looks straight from the movie. Most of the paint apps are sharp and there's some nice detailing like the name tag, but the eyes seem ever so slightly off. There isn't much in the way of color complexity for either figure (washes, sprays, whatever), but that can be forgiven considering their cartoony designs.

Ralph has 9 points of articulation: swivel neck, ball-swivel shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel-hinge hips, and swivel ankles. The movement is nothing like hyper-articulation, but the arms move well enough to work as a toy.

Felix, on the other hand, has only swivel joints at the neck and shoulders. His pose-specific sculpt makes articulation largely pointless, but you might be able to eke out another acceptable pose or two. Regardless, this is a figure for display rather than play.

Speaking of playtime, Ralph has an action feature: if you pull down on the lever on Ralph's back, his fists smash down and his head turns to his right. The idea is that Ralph smashes the button on his break-apart wall accessory that makes it blow up. It works okay, although it will take a couple of hits for the wall to give way. Luckily, the action feature doesn't get in the way of the displayability of the figure.

Ralph cost $15, which seems about right for a figure of his size. The break-apart wall he comes with helps the value. Still, the figure feels very hollow and not very substantial.

Felix clocks in at a good 9 bucks! That's a difficult price tag to justify for such a small figure, especially one with no accessories. He's marketed as a "highly detailed figurine", but I don't see how he looks that much more detailed than the 6" Ralph. $5 would have been fine, but $9 is clearly out of the question.

Overall, they're both good figures that do a nice job of maintaining my excitement for the movie. I wish Ralph had a little more substance and Felix a lot less cost, but they display nicely together on the desk. I just hope they release pixellated versions of Felix and Ralph from the game... that would rock all kinds of lobster.

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