Infinite Hollywood's Infinite Toys For Tots 2012!

Infinite Hollywood is doing its yearly toy drive, Infinite Toys For Tots! It's a little more than just a toy drive, though. If you send in a picture of your donation (or forward a receipt of your online donation), Newt will match your donation with one of his own. Cool! Click through to check out my donation!

The toys I donated are the ones standing on the rim of the drop-off bin. From left to right, there's a plush Oviraptor (which almost came home with me), NTMNT Michelangelo, Marvel Superhero Squad cars, and Disney Princess Tiana.

For more info on how to participate in Infinite Toys For Tots, check out! You'll want to be quick about it, though... the deadline for Toys For Tots varies by location, but for many, it's this weekend.

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