Toy Pix: Bot Shots Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime Mini-Figures

Transformers have seen the mini-figure scale before as Minibots, Mini-Cons, and Transformers Decoys, but arguably the coolest of them all are Bot Shots. These great automatically-transforming minis incorporate a bit of the G1 style for added awesomeness. Their variety make them a lot of fun to collect and of course I just couldn't resist pairing Optimus Prime with his evil twin Nemesis Prime. Let's check them out!

Optimus Prime

Here we see Optimus in all his Bot Shot glory. I like how the trailer is incorporated into the truck so that his alt mode isn't half a truck as we often see him. The middle wheel is just a sculpted detail, presumably so that it doesn't mess up the Bot Shot template.

Nemesis Prime

Nemesis Prime is the exact same figure as Optimus... right down to the Autobot symbol on his hood. Whoops. Still, I love Nemesis because he's what would happen if Optimus took fashion tips from Darth Vader.

Other Pics

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