Toy Review: Exclusive OMFG Series 2

OMFG started off as a Kickstarter project that was a tribute to classic PVC figures from the 80's like MUSCLEs. With MUSCLEy figures cast in MUSCLEy colors packaged on MUSCLEy cards, it was the perfect line for MUSCLE fanatics like me. The first wave was such a success that another project for a second wave was easily funded. So, roughly one year after the first release, here we go again with wave 2! As with the first wave, there are a bunch of site-exclusive colorways like this plum coloration from Let's take a look!

This set cost $15, a little more than some of the other exclusives. But what you're paying for is the awesome trash can packaging. If you loved the old MUSCLE trash can 10-packs, you'll dig this. The OMFG can doesn't have any of the trash can sculpting of the old school MUSCLE can, but hey, it's close enough. And while the MUSCLE trash cans were decorated with that Muscleman illustration of dubious quality, LRG ups the ante with an incredible illustration by EricNilla. (It should also be noted that a couple of posters and cards featuring Eric's artwork were also included.)

When I opened up the can, a strong plasticy/skunky odor smacked me in the face. The OMFGs are not as chemically pungent as McFarlane toys but the smell is certainly stronger than most figures. Fortunately, after a week or so, it has largely dissipated.

As mentioned before, this LRG exclusive is cast in plum-colored plastic. Although I love MUSCLE-inspired colors, I also dig it when exclusivers (if that's a word) think outside the box, like last wave's University of MUSCLE yellow. The plum color works well with the figures, even though the darker hue can obscure some of the sculpting details.

Speaking of which, the sculpts for OMFG Series 2 continue the imaginative fun from the first wave with cool character designs. First up is Puke Knight, a knight who happens to be forcibly expelling a vomit spirit. I love the design of this figure, which is realized in two pieces: a puking knight and a hand-standing puke ghost.

The two pieces don't attach in any real way, so you have slide the spirit up to the knight's mouth. That's okay for display, but a Glyos-style peg would have been a perfect way to attach the figures and make them stable enough for playtime.

Next up we have Shirtle, a cute little dude who seems to be a shark/turtle hybrid wearing (as you might expect) a shirt. This character design reminds me a lot of the Pokemon PVCs from the 90's that were so much fun to collect.

Cry-Borg is a deadly cybernetic baby, the Terminator of babydom. This is a figure with lots of nifty little sculpting details that make it fun to examine more thoroughly, like the missile rattle and the baby bottle jetpack.

Cuddlehard is the embodiment of the OMFG logo! It's a cool idea with a great execution, but I'm not sure how the name relates to the figure.

And finally, Grimm Gourd "rounds out" wave 2, so to speak, with a sinister jack-o'-lantern visage and nice gourd-like texturing.

While I love the figures, the one criticism I have is that this wave doesn't seem to evoke the same MUSCLE-ness that the first wave did. Maybe some of the poses are too expressive compared to the relatively static MUSCLE poses; maybe the figure designs seem more in-step with other lines like Pokemon or SLUG Zombie; or maybe the plum coloration is throwing me off. I did order a set of pink OMFG 2 so maybe that will make a difference.

Regardless, this is another strong showing from October Toys, a company that just gets it when it comes to what makes PVC figures fun and exciting. And let's not forget LittleRubberGuys for the awesome packaging. Here's hoping there will be a Series 3! In the meantime, head on over to and check out all the OMFG exclusives as well as the standard pink figures.

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