Toy Pix: Robotman Ace (Magne Power Microman)

This week's assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is simple: RED. But this time, I thought I'd dig deep into the dark bowels of my collecting past with a figure that I just realized comes from quite a few years ago. Picture the year: 1999. I had been a serious action figure collector for only a few years by then (if an action figure collector can ever be considered "serious"), and one of the lines that I loved at the time was Takara's Microman. The vintage Micronauts were all sorts of awesome with their magnetic joints and swappable parts, and Takara's 1999 Microman with its Magne Power figures was a cool upgrade of classic toys for a new era. But the coolest of all was this wonderfully red Robotman Ace.

Like other Magne Power figures, many of Ace's joints were actually spherical magnets in magnetic sockets, which meant that you could not only get an incredibly impressive range of movement, but also swap parts around any which way you'd like. Ace came with a number of swappable accessories, but the only ones that survived to this day are the claw and blade. The fate of the others is anyone's guess... a lot happens to a collection in 14 years, and I suspect they got lost in a move or accidentally put in a bin for Goodwill.

Regardless, what was even cooler than the accessories was the fact that Ace could magnetically combine with other Microman toys, including robotic animals that served as vehicles for smaller figures. A few of those managed to survive these past 14 years too, but they'll have be the subject of a future feature.

Stay awesomely red, Robotman Ace. And if you still haven't had enough redness, eat this!

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