Toy Pix: Brachiosaurus

Walking past the artsy-fartsy downtown shops recently, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this Brachiosaurus staring at me out of a store window. With its head stretching up 2 feet in the air, this sauropod is an imposing plastic beast to say the least. I thought he'd be perfect to display on the top of my cubicle's bookcase at work so I picked him up. Let's take a look!

Where this thing came from is a mystery; there are no markings anywhere to be found. At first I thought this was a Marx Dinosaur but it's way too big to belong in that line. It seems to have a Marx Dinosaur look though, with an old-school style that's a little looser with scientific accuracy than modern lines like Schleich or Papo. Also, like the early waves of Marx Dinos, you can clearly see the sculpting cuts of the artist as if the figure was made of clay. But it's definitely all solid plastic, and if you look closely, you can see some areas where air bubbles got caught in the plastic injection.

Check out more pics below! Sorry for not shooting this guy on my usual set. I didn't want to schlep him back and forth from work so I just took some shots with my iPhone of Brachy in his natural habitat. Enjoy!

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