Toy Pix and Artwork: Leo Corazon (Mystical Warriors of the Ring)

Another project I've been working on recently has been artwork for Mystical Warriors of the Ring, featuring Leo Corazon! MWOTR is an indie mini-figure line of anthropomorphic animal wrestlers. It's kind of like mixing MUSCLEs with Battle Beasts, but it has a flavor all its own. Fantastic Plastic Toys commissioned me to do a trading card for Leo Corazon and I was happy to oblige, as you can see above (click over to deviantArt to enlarge). Fantastic Plastic was also kind enough to send me a Leo Corazon figure. Let's check him out!

Leo comes carded in packaging that's designed to be collector-friendly. There are four gooey blobs on the bubble that can be pulled off the card without damaging it.

This Leo figure is the color changing version. He starts out reddish-orange but if you heat him up, he'll turn yellow. Above you can see the process; his extremities heat up first, which is why the pic of Leo at the top has yellowish hands and feet. He actually gets even more yellow than this, as you can see in Pixel Dan's review.

Leo also comes with a number of trading cards by a variety of different artists. Those guys all did great jobs, and it was fun for me to see how the other artists interpreted the character. An event ticket is also included, complete with punched serrations and a holo-sticker on the back.

The first wave of Leo figures has already sold out, but keep an eye on for possible rereleases!

This figure was received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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