Dork Dimension: Year 5

Another year has come and gone at the Dork Dimension! Sometimes it seems like I started this blog just yesterday... sometimes it seems like it's been around forever. It's a continually evolving work, which means that when I look at some of my earlier posts, I'm more than a little embarrassed at the quality of the pictures and the writing. And some of the past designs are just... wow. But hey! Here we are, 5 years into it. One thing I've noticed is that some articles, even from the early days, continue to be crazy popular. So let's start this year-in-review with the top ten articles from the past year by pageviews!


10. Toy Review: Papo Tyrannosaurus Rex - 1,672 pageviews (Past rankings: Year Four, #4)

The super-cool Papo T-Rex barely edges out the Green Lantern movie figure review (which got a lot of hits this year for some reason). Stay tuned for Papo T-Rex 2.0! That thing looks awesome, and I'm sure I'll pick it up sometime this year.

9. Toy Review: Marvel Select Hulk (Avengers Movie) - 1,701 pageviews (Past rankings: Year Four, #7)

I'm a DC loyalist, but even I think this Hulk is cool. Looks like others agree!

8. Toy Review: Schleich Allosaurus vs. Papo Allosaurus - 2,158 pageviews (New this year)

Papo makes another appearance in the top ten this year, but this time, it's mainly attributable to the Schleich figure also included in this review. Apparently, a dude in a 3D scanning forum scanned his Schleich Allosaurus and linked to the review for reference. You might want to check out the post, it's cool to see the 3D scanning process in action.

7. Retro Toy Review: 11-inch Krang's Android Body - 2,204 pageviews (Past rankings: Year Three, #4; Year Four, #8)

Up one position from last year is this jumbo-sized vintage Krang in his Android body!

6. Chris' Toy Collection - 2,319 pageviews (Past rankings: Year Four, #5)

These pictures of Chris' toy collection continue to wow collectors. I'm still jealous of those awesome display cabinets.

5. Toy Tribute: Animated Batman Evolution - 2,732 pageviews (Past rankings: Year Four, #2)

Besides my tributes to Playmates Star Trek figures, I'm most proud of my posts about Action Figure Evolution. They're a colossal pain to research and write, not to mention the fact that I have to actually buy all the figures involved, but they're certainly rewarding. Batman's Animated Evolution dipped a few spots this year but it still going strong.

4. Toy Pix: Jabba the Hutt (2004) - 2,857 pageviews. (Past rankings: Year Four, #1)
Yet again, this post with its five measly pics easily wormed its way into the top ten. Huh. I still don't get it.

3. Toy Tribute: Toxic Crusaders - 2,923 pageviews (Past rankings: Year One, #3; Year Two, #1; Year Three, #1; Year Four, #3)

This tribute to the Playmates Toxic Crusaders line is the only article to be found in the top ten lists for every year of the Dork Dimension's existence. In fact, it's the #1 most viewed article on the site, if you add up all the years together. But this is one of those articles that I look back upon in shame, mainly because of those awful pictures. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to redo them.

Okay, those eight are all well and good, but there are two more that stand apart, completely obliterating the pageviews of the others.

2. Toy Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 (Playmates) - 5,694 pageviews (New this year)

This was definitely the year of the TMNT. This review of figures from the Ninja Turtles reboot performed pretty well last year, but this is the year that people really went crazy for it. Hopefully some of that momentum continues on...  I like seeing this level of enthusiasm for the Turtles.

But even the 2012 Ninja Turtles were completely overshadowed by...

1. Review: DC Chara-Covers Batman iPhone Case - 7,334 pageviews (New this year)

This was one of those reviews that I threw at the wall to see if it stuck, and boy, did it stick. I'm not sure why it was so popular this year, but my guess is that this iPhone case is a little on the expensive side and people want to see how it works before they plop down the dough for it. Whatever the reason, it's clear that if I really wanted to maximize my hits, I'd have a lot more coverage of iPhone accessories.


Toy Review: Twin Blades Batman and Mallet Smasher Joker... Plus, a Rant About Action Figures As Collectibles

We're at an interesting crossroads with action figure collecting. Many toy companies are scaling back collector-friendly features like articulation and hyper-realistic sculpts in favor of toys that are less expensive and more kid-friendly. I argue in the above review that this is a good thing, but many collectors very much disagree, as you can see in the comments.


I'm eternally grateful to those sites that link to the Dork Dimension. This year's top 5 referring sites (not including forums, search engines, or Facebook) in terms of pageviews are:

I started this site last year to be a self-running site that automatically aggregates toy reviews from all over the web using RSS feeds. It's nice to see that at least a few people use it!

4. Cool and Collected
Cool and Collected is the headquarters for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, to which I am an occasional contributor. If you haven't checked it out, you might want to take a look. It's a fun way to explore other blogs.

And the top three referral sites are some of the coolest action figure blogs out there. They're definitely worth a gander!


2. Infinite Hollywood

1. Poe Ghostal


This year looks like it will be a lot of fun. I've started to shift my action figure purchases away from collectibles and more towards kid-friendly stuff, which means there won't be much here from the likes of MOTUC, Star Wars Black, or NECA. But TMNT is still going strong with lots of fun figures in the pipeline, and I totally love the Power Attack Batman stuff. Despite my aversion to Star Wars collecting, I really dig what Hasbro is doing with the kid-oriented Mission Series and Saga Legends. Glyos continues to be one of the coolest lines around, and will be even cooler with Kabuto Mushi MK II from TGB Customs and the upcoming Power Lords reboot. And I'm really interested to see ToyFinity's plans for Mordles, Manglor, and Roboforce!

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