Mordles Wave 1-b: Rampaging and Solar Storm Editions Pix

With the Sonesidar and Nebular Mordles poised for public consumption soon, let's take a look at the previous release featuring Rampaging and Solar Storm Editions! All the new Mordle colorways from ToyFinity are crazy fun... the intense, highly-saturated colors remind me very much of toys from the 80s and 90s. This time, we have hot pink Mordles with blue details (Solar Storm) and green with purple details (Rampaging). At first, I thought Solar Storm was a reproduction of a classic colorway (the one shown below), but nope, it's much too pink. Actually, that's a good thing because I like this colorway so much more than the vintage one. Click through for the pics, check out my review of the first release, and stay tuned for the final editions for wave 1 coming soon!

Meet the Mordles!

Left to right: Vintage, Standard, Crawler, Solar Storm, Rampaging

Mordles invade the Glyos Universe!

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