Decepticons Soundwave, Buzzsaw, and Ravage: Then and Now

I always intended the Then and Now feature here at the Dork Dimension to highlight the differences between toys of yesteryear and toys of today by comparing those that depict the same character (or vehicle, whatever) from different eras so we can see how they have evolved over the years. I hesitated to do this post since comparing G1 Soundwave with Masterpiece Soundwave is more than a little unfair. After all, MP Soundwave is clearly a premium-priced, collector-oriented figure, quite unlike the vintage kid-friendly Soundwave of the 80's. But Masterpiece Transformers are some of the best examples of what a toy manufacturer can do nowadays, and it's fun to juxtapose them with their vintage counterparts.

MP Soundwave came with many more accessories than what you see here, but I wanted to mainly concentrate on those that are most relevant to the vintage toy. (You might also notice that my vintage Soundwave is incomplete and missing the missile launcher.) MP Soundwave also came with other tape buddies like Laserbeak, Frenzy, and Rumble. I don't have those vintage figures though, and since a Then and Now article is a little silly without the Then, I'll only cover the two tapes that I managed to keep from my childhood: Ravage and Buzzsaw.

I know that I've been rejecting collectible figures recently, but hey... there are exceptions for everything, and MP Soundwave a great exception to make. Okay, on with the pics!

Soundwave, Buzzsaw, and Ravage (G1, 1984)

Soundwave, Buzzsaw, and Ravage (Masterpiece, 2013)

More Pics

MP Transformers are so mind-numbingly difficult to transform that even Soundwave can't make heads or tails of it.

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