Toy Pix and Artwork: Treegarr (Mystical Warriors of the Ring)


Mystical Warriors of the Ring recently generated some buzz on the Internet when Fantastic Plastic Toys announced that they would go PVC with the line. We'll have more on that later, but for now, let's take a look at what may be one of the last resin Warriors: Treegarr! Treegarr was originally created by BigManToys, who collaborated with Fantastic Plastic to bring the character into the MWOTR universe. I was commissioned to do a card for this release (you can check out the artwork over at my deviantArt site), and Fantastic Plastic was kind enough to send along a sample figure. Let's check him out!

Like the previous Leo Corazon figure, Treegarr comes in collector-friendly packaging. Four sticky blobs attach the bubble to the card and if you're careful you can remove the bubble without damaging the card.

Flip over the card and you'll see my illustration! If that doesn't catch your fancy, Treegarr also comes with two other trading cards and an event ticket.

Treegarr himself has a lot of wood detailing and is sculpted in a MWOTR-specific costume with a headband and elbow/knee pads. I opted for this Aztec Gold colorway because the figure reminds me of some ancient idol that Indiana Jones might be after.

A to-scale trash can is also included. The MUSCLEs that could fit in that can would be very small indeed!

Treegarr seemed to sell out just as quickly as Leo Corazon, but keep your eye on for more!

This figure was received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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