Toy Pix: Mystical Warriors of the Ring 3-Pack (Red and Pink)

It's Mystical Warriors of the Ring Week here at the Dork Dimension! Hot on the heels of Treegarr is the first PVC release for the line, featuring Widowmaker (spider), Sheldon Sabre (tiger), and Kayin Kunga (ape)! Previously, MWOTR figures were cast in resin, which is great stuff because it captures sculpting details amazingly well. Resin can be a bit brittle, though, so many indie toy makers would love to work with PVC instead. A PVC figure feels more like a toy than a collectible: it's durable, flexible, and solid. The problem? You need expensive molds to cast PVC toys, which means you have to sell a lot of figures to justify the production costs. Fantastic Plastic Toys managed to pull it off, so let's check out their first foray into PVC!

The thing I like most about these figures is, strangely enough, the proportions. Often, the proportions of mini-figures are distorted to make the characters more recognizable in the smaller format (like MUSCLEs). But these figures have proportions that are accurate to the characters, which makes them look like miniature versions of larger figures. Just as importantly, the size differences between the characters are maintained. You can't really tell in these photos because the ape is farther away from the camera, but that dude is huge compared with the tiger!

The colorways seem to be inspired by vintage MUSCLEs. The red is almost identical to the MUSCLE red (maybe a touch brighter), but the pink is more yellowish like Kinkeshi.

These sets are currently available at the True Cast Studio website for the surprisingly reasonable price of $9. (Mordles for $10, MWOTR for $9, Glyos for $8... this is a great time for fans of indie toys!) Considering how fast Treegarr and Leo Corazon sold out, I'm sure this wave won't be available for long. Good luck, and check out more pics below!

Red Warriors

Pink Warriors

These sets were received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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