Toy Pix and Artwork: Kabuto Mushi MK II and Mini-Mushi (TGB Customs)

Kabuto Mushi is sort of the signature character for TGB Customs. Marty (the main man of TGB Customs) has made a number of beetle-themed figures over the years, including a Glyos-compatible dude for which I've done some illustrations. But now Matt Doughty of Glyos fame has gotten in the mix, and he designed a brand-new Kabuto Mushi MK II for Marty to sculpt and prototype into a Glyos-compatible production figure. And here he is! Let's take a look at the latest Kabuto from TGB Customs, as well as his mini-figure buddy, Mini-Mushi! And when you're finished be sure to check out the trading card art I did for this release over at my deviantArt page!

Kabuto Mushi

Kabuto Mushi looks awesome in his "hero" form, but the idiosyncrasy of the sculpt along with the number of removable parts means you can make some incredible alternate builds.  He even comes with an alternate spider head! This sample is a prototype so I can't go too crazy with the builds, but you can see more over at Marty's blog. I'm a big fan of the whole "retasking the shoulder into a giant claw" thing myself. Keep your eye open over at TGB Customs... they'll be in production soon and the target price is just $10. I can't wait to see what people can build with multiple Mushis!


The first thing that struck me about Mini-Mushi is that he's small. Sure, that sounds like something from Captain Obvious's Personal Log, but this dude is about the same height as Mordles but without the girth, so he seems crazy tiny. He's actually small enough to work as a toy for other action figures, and you can see below that Cockroach Terminator has developed a real liking to him. And be sure to click on the pic on the right to check out the illustration I did for the Mini-Mushi mini-card!

Kabuto Mushi MK II and Mini-Mushi were received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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