Toy Pix: Walking Mini-Dud (True Cast Studio)

When there's no more room in hell, the Dud will walk the Earth! Walking Dud is one of the latest collaborations between True Cast Studio, Jason Frailey, and TGB Customs. Zombies have been done to death these days (so to speak), so it can be difficult to bring something interesting to the table. But Walking Dud does just that.

I designed the header card for this one using Rudy Garcia's cool character art and logo.

Part of that is the cool sculpt, an interesting amalgamation of Adam Smith's abstract style and Jason Frailey's amazing detailing. But also of note is the plastic, which is some kind of rubbery junk that can flex all over the place. Not only is it fun, but it has a great tactile quality to it too. And this Mini-Dud features incredible paint detailing that the camera just loves. So check out the pics below and visit True Cast Studio for more!

This figure was received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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