Toy Pix: Mordles Underworld Edition

Speaking of new colorways, I also wanted to cover one of the latest Mordle releases today: the Underworld Edition! This one is especially cool to me because I requested it when Doc Kent asked the Club Mordle members for suggestions. Who knows if I really was the impetus for making this colorway happen, but I’d like to think I was. It’s my favorite Glyos colorway and I wish I had gone a little more nuts on the Hades Force wave and picked up more of its figures. Regardless, it’s great to compliment those figures that I have with these awesome Mordles! Click through to check them out, and head over to the Toyfinity Store to order yours!

Left: Underworld and vintage Mordles. Right: Underworld Mordles with Hades Force Glyos figures.

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