Toy Pix: Mystical Warriors of the Ring (Pearlescent Blue, Glow In The Dark)

Here we go with more Mystical Warriors of the Ring colorways: pearlescent blue and glow in the dark! Both look great... the shine of the blue is eye-catching, and the glow-in-the-dark effects are all sorts of fun. Speaking of which, have you noticed that mass-production toy lines appear to be avoiding glow-in-the-dark plastic these days? I have no idea why, but it seems like indy toy companies are the only ones who realize the awesomeness of glowing plastic.

Anyway, I’ve covered the initial wave of pink and red figures already, so let’s cut to the chase and check out this new wave. And if you want to pick up a few sets, be sure to drop by the True Cast Studio store.

Pearlescent Blue

Glow In The Dark

More Mystical Warriors of the Ring fun:

These figures were received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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