Toy Review: OMFG Series 3 and Z.O.M.B.I.E. Pheyden (October Toys)

OMFG returns once again! These little PVC mini-figures show how the collector community can pull together to create something really great. OMFG is a crowd-funded toy line featuring imaginative designs developed by members of the October Toys forums. The first series was so successful that they cranked out a second and now we have a third! Let's take a look at Series 3!

OMFGs have a great MUSCLEy-vibe to them, so I went nuts on the first series and collected a bunch of the different colorways that were available. A cooler head prevailed for Series 2 and I only picked up the pink and plum figures. This time, I decided to just go with the pink colorway. I wouldn’t say that I’m losing interest in the line, but I’m such an old-school MUSCLE nut that pink is the only colorway that I really care about.

So let's take a look at these guys, shall we?

Fruit Punch by Scott Tolleson & George Gaspar 

TenCan by Richard Brown, Nikolas Sardos & Bryan Fulk

Pugnacious by Bill MacKay & George Gaspar

Dr. Decay by Jonathan Wojcik & George Gaspar

Barbarianaut by Charles Marsh

This is probably my favorite wave of OMFG yet. Not only are the figure designs awesome, but they also seem to draw the most inspiration from the classic PVC lines from the 80s. Pugnacious, Barbarianaut, and Fruit Punch fit in perfectly with MUSCLEs, in part because the figure stances are so similar. And Dr. Decay and TenCan seem to be perfect for a Monster In My Pocket collection. (TenCan, it should be noted, would also fit well with Trash Packs.) The sculpts are as incredible as always, and more detailed than even my beloved MUSCLEs. Each figure is worth a good long look to take in all the cool detailing.

OMFG Series 1 did a good job replicating the pinkness of the MUSCLE plastic, but the pink colorway for Series 2 was a little more yellow, making the figures look kind of like Kinkeshi. Fortunately, this third series goes back to the bubblegum pink of the first series. The plastic is similar to MUSCLE plastic in that it's firm but not brittle, much like the plastic that Glyos figures are made of.

And all this for $10, a price comparable to mass-production toys.

Z.O.M.B.I.E. Pheyden by October Toys, Onell Design, L'amour Supreme

But wait! I didn’t just stop at OMFG. While I was at the October Toys store I also picked up ZOMBIE Pheyden! He’s technically part of the October Toy Mini-Figure line (and an extension of the ZOMBIE line) but he also fits in well with OMFGs.

This is a great concept with a fortunately fantastic execution. The sculpt has lots of cool undead detailing, and it's fun to examine Pheyden's anatomy. I always wondered whether he was human under all that armor, but this figure makes him appear more alien (assuming the figure can be considered canon for the Glyos universe).

ZOMBIE Pheyden is cast in the same MUSCLEy pink plastic as the rest of OMFG Series 3 and costs only 2 bucks. It's a perfect companion piece for either your OMFG or Glyos collection.

It's obvious that October Toys is another strong player in the indie toy manufacturer game, a game that seems to be getting better every year. OMFG Series 3 follows the greatness of the first two series, but it's even more MUSCLEy and Monster-In-My-Pockety, making an old-school collector like me very happy. The line up for Series 4 has already been established and the development for Series 5 is well underway. Looks like OMFG is here to stay! Scroll down for more pics!

The OMFGs also come with some stickers and and trading card, shown in the pic to the far right.

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