Toy Pix: Kabuto Mushi MK II and Mini-Mushis (Production, TGB Customs)

Following up on the prototype shown here last November, we have these production samples of the new Glyos-compatible Kabuto Mushi colorways! The figures are pretty much the same as the prototype but there are some significant differences. Obviously the plastic is differently colored, but also it's the more pliable Glyos plastic rather than the harder resin of the prototype. And most interestingly, the shoulder has an additional cut joint that adds a lot of movement and customization options. Like Robo Force's The Enemy, the design of Kabuto makes it easy to pop off the joints and create a lot of neat custom builds, but its style has an insectoid idiosyncrasy that's really cool. Anyway, we have a lot of pictures to check out, so click through for more! And be sure not to miss the Mini-Mushis at the end!

Kabuto Mushi MK II


This pic shows just how incredibly diverse the Glyos Universe has become. And these guys are just the beginning!

These figures were received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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