Toy Review: USS Defiant, USS Voyager (Eaglemoss)

The Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection can seem like an intimidating collection to undertake. Seventy ships are planned; not only can the financial commitment seem daunting, but it can also be logistically problematic when you start to think about how and where you'll end up displaying them all. So to make things more manageable, I've been concentrating on a few themes (for now, at least): 1) Hero ships (the main ship from each series and movie), 2) Deep Space Nine ships (since my DS9 display is woeful), and 3) all the different versions of the Enterprise. That means that the Defiant and Voyager are on the short list!

Like the two Eaglemoss Enterprise models I reviewed previously, both the Defiant and Voyager models are nice representations of the ships from their respective shows. The proportions are nearly perfect, the paint apps are super-sharp, and there's a lot of great detailing to enjoy.

That's not to say that you can't pick them apart, though. The Defiant's lettering is too small and there isn't enough color variation on the hull, while Voyager's hull similarly looks dull and flat. I know Voyager didn't have Aztecing, but maybe painting the windows (like they did with the Enterprise D) would work.

Both models are sectioned in halves, with a metallic top and a plastic bottom. It's nice because the metal gives the ships some heft; it's not so nice because the detailing on the metallic top is a little less precise. Maybe the metal is covered in grey paint that fudges the details a bit (which wouldn't be a problem with the plastic bottom because it's probably cast in grey plastic). Regardless, considering how much better the plastic works, I would have preferred both ships to be 100% plastic.

Despite all this, these ships look a lot better than the comparably priced Hot Wheels Trek ships. And the two accessories, if you can call them that, really make them worthwhile.

The Defiant and Voyager both come with really nice stands. Not only are the bases substantial, but also the tongs are molded to cradle a specific ship without the need to insert the stand into an ugly hole in the bottom of the hull. These stands work a lot better than some of the others from the same line because they grab the ships at the back and don't mess with the profiles as much.

Also included are magazines dedicated to each ship that feature summaries of the ship's adventures, superficial schematics, and cool behind-the-scenes stuff. Being a Star Trek reference book junkie, these magazines are just as important to me as the ships themselves, and both include stuff that I hadn't seen before. In particular, there are some nice big pics of concept art that are worth the price of admission themselves. The CGI models used for the schematics look really nice, too. I wonder if they had access to the "official" CGI renders from the shows.

So here we have another couple of cool ships from Eaglemoss to help fill out my expanding Starfleet. The models themselves are good but not quite great: the soft details of the metallic tops makes them fall short of the near-perfection of Eaglemoss's Enterprise D. The magazines are wonderful though, with some really interesting stuff that contributes to my Star Trek reference section. And the stands resolve the silhouette problems that some of the other Eaglemoss ships have by holding the ships at the back. Scroll down for more pics!

USS Defiant

USS Voyager

Just a few more...!

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