Giant Size Godzilla, Then and Now (Mattel Shogun Warriors, JAKKS Pacific)

The Giant Size Godzilla from JAKKS Pacific is my most eagerly-anticipated toy of the year. Infinite Hollywood was among the first to get it, and man, I was jealous after reading Newton's review. He mentioned the old Shogun Warriors Godzilla so I thought it would be fun to do a Then And Now post contrasting the new guy with my old buddy. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to find the new Godzilla, so here he is in all his 24"x43" glory! Let's see how he measures up with the classic from Mattel!

I had to branch out from my usual light-flooded photo stage because these guys were going to be way too big to fit on it. So I set up this impromptu super-sized stage with a blanket. I wasn't sure how things would work out, but I think the photos aren't too shabby.

So yeah, the JAKKS Pacific Godzilla is big, and I'd agree with Newt in that it's most likely the biggest Godzilla toy ever. But honestly it's not quite as unreasonably big as I'd like. I feel like we've gotten toys recently that were more irrationally huge, like those enormous Millenium Falcon and AT-AT toys from a few years back. I wonder how this Godzilla would compare with them?

A quick aside: you'll notice that my Shogun Warriors Godzilla is missing some toes on his right foot. Well, when I was a kid, this Godzilla was my buddy. I took him all over the place, holding his hand along the way. And obviously one of his hands is a shooting fist. You see where this is going. One day, I took him to a friend's birthday party holding his shooting fist, which unfortunately misfired. Godzilla tumbled to the sidewalk, breaking his toes. Whoops. That was all the way back in pre-school... it's weird what you remember. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Shogun Warriors Godzilla (Mattel, 1977)

Giant Sized Godzilla (JAKKS Pacific, 2014)

More pics!

Put 'er there, pal! (Fist launch in t-minus five...) 

Time to show Android Krang who's boss!

Don't cross the streams!

Friends forever!

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