Mystical Warriors of the Ring Planet Comicon Exclusives

Behold, the green Mystical Warriors of the Ring Exclusives for Planet Comicon! Which was a convention that actually happened last weekend. Okay, so this isn't exactly a timely post, but if you're frosty, you might be able to get these guys online if there are any left over from the convention. I've already covered the Red/Pink and Pearlescent Blue/GITD releases, so let's take a look at the greenies!

Mark also sent along the official MWOTR comic and a shirt with a graphic made by yours truly! Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised that the shirt decal was able to pick up on all the gradients and shading.

The Green Team!

And finally, the MWOTR family photo!

These figures were received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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