Toy Pix and Artwork: Grotesques (True Cast Studio)


Grotesques is a toy line from True Cast Studio that's both new and old... new in that the figures have never been available before, but old in that Adam Smith sculpted these guys 15 years ago. It must be fun for Adam to revisit his older stuff, and now we can enjoy these guys ourselves.

I was commissioned to do artwork for the line, and frankly it was a little difficult to pull off. Usually I like to illustrate a figure in some crazy dynamic pose, but the Grotesques are already in crazy dynamic poses. I could have reposed them, but that would change the character of the creatures. So I just chose an angle that emphasized the coolest aspect of each Grotesque and tried to replicate the look, which was a little difficult itself because of the abstract detailing of the sculpts. I'm pretty pleased with the results, though. You can see all the trading cards over at my deviantArt site.

I really dig the figures. The sculpts are expressive and fun, and they remind me a lot of the monochromatic pack-in buddies that came with some action figures in the 80s and 90s. They are also cast in a rubbery plastic that's pretty malleable. It's a really cool effect that works perfectly with the theme of the figures. If you'd like to pick up some of these dudes, you can check out the True Cast Studio store. In the meantime, scroll down for more pics!

These figures were received from True Cast Studio as compensation for illustration work.

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