Mystical Warriors of the Ring Playmat and Wrestling Ring

Mark has been teasing the Mystical Warriors of the Ring playmat for a while now but it will finally become a reality at C2E2! The cool thing about indy toy companies is that they often come up with innovative ideas for playing with and displaying your figures, and this playmat is a great example of that. It'll be test-marketed at C2E2 but in the meantime let's check it out!

The playmat features a cool illustration representing the AWF arena. You put a plastic mini-ring on top of it and you're ready for all your MWTOR adventures!

The mat is kind of foamy and it reminds me of a flexible mouse pad. The mat dimensions are 10" x 15" so you have room enough for a good mini-figure audience.

The ring has a decal attached to the base, but there's also a card with a different logo that you can place over it.

And here it is with the good ol' MUSCLE Wrestling Ring! Let's hope it does well at C2E2... this whole foam playmat thing is a concept that I'd like to see played out further.

This toy was received from Fantastic Plastic Toys as compensation for illustration work.

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